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10/04/14 · Reblog · 3 Notes ·

I’m a little late, but, Happy Birthday, Poppy Ro. 

Keep everything wild and free. 

            read this, guys:

08/04/14 · Reblog · 3 Notes ·

Happy birthday Poppy Ronan Thompson.

This is Jacob Hill. These horrific burns you see on him are not from the stage IV high risk refractory neuroblastoma he has battled for most of his life. This is from the “treatment”. THIS is him “getting better”. This is why we run marathons, sell @RonanBracelets, beg for $10 donations on Fridays…it’s not only to fund research for a cure; it’s because until there IS a cure, we simply MUST devise less toxic treatments for these kids. Can you imagine how it must feel for Jacob to have his little body literally burning from the inside out? This is NOT acceptable and we have to change things. We have to. End of story. Photos graciously allowed use by the family of Jacob Hill. You can find them on twitter at fight4jacobhill …please keep this little warrior babe in your thoughts.”

                  The Ronan Thompson Foudation.

24/03/14 · Reblog · 4 Notes ·

Ro. I’m sorry. 

Donate for better futures. 

Ronan should be there. 


23/03/14 · Reblog · 6 Notes ·

That’s why I love you, Taylor. 

                       Big Jet Ronan. 

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